Who am I?


I have a broad interest in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, but the main focus of my research is to understand and predict how global change drivers influence individuals, populations, communities, and ecosystem functioning. To this aim, I combine theoretical models and empirical data to better understand the mechanisms underlying the observed patterns.

I am particularly interested in the impacts of temperature and nutrient enrichment on individual life history traits, phenotypic plasticity, trophic interactions, community dynamics, and ecosystem functioning. I currently hold a postdoctoral position at the CNRS research station of Moulis (France) where I am investigating  the effects of global warming and habitat fragmentation on population dynamics, eco-evolution, and nutrient cycles in ectotherm meta-communities (ERC project FRAGCLIM). For that goal, we use a combination of meta-community models and mesocosm experiments with planktonic freshwater ecosystems.

Visit this page for more details about my research.


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